Right, it‘s about YOU and how YOU can rediscover
your 'Feel Good'  factor, gain clarity over your situation
or solve a conflict.

Only on this page it's about me, because you would no doubt like to know who you are dealing with:  My name is Sandra Hüllebrand. For you – just Sandra.

So, if you have found your way to my website then you may perhaps feel the same way as I did some years ago. And at that time I was searching for exactly that type of person I would like to be for you today.

It's always about people
It is about their needs, their desires, their concerns or also their physical problems. It doesn't matter what - it's always about people.
My current field of activity has developed over many years and, today, enables me to use all my talents and passions. It's important to me to understand where people are coming from. Everyone brings a different backpack with them, and you have to open it so that you can give every individual what they need.
 Why I work differently?
I was living in Germany, and it was my own health issues that forced me to look into alternative treatment methods.
It wasn’t easy to find someone who listened carefully, and thought deeply. Someone who combined the pieces of the puzzle with empathy AND professionalism at the same time. (My clients often say the same….)
After a very long but ultimately successful search, I actually found such a person back then. Finally, someone took the time, my health problems were taken seriously, my desperation and helplessness was seen. I was heard.
And until today, I am very, very thankful to him, not only did he show me methods to maintain my overall wellbeing, but in fact he became the catalyst for my professional reorientation.
After numerous seminars and training programs, it became clear to me that I would not look back again. From this the concept emerged for my
All those techniques are combined here with which I have been able to achieve the best results with my clients over the past years. The diversity is what makes it so special and, above all, it’s the different treatment approaches that enable me to offer individual solutions.
It has also proven to motivate my clients to actively participate in their healing process and, to include nutritional aspects as well.
Further, it quickly became clear that my clients often needed to talk alongside their physical treatment. Not only did they have physical complaints, they also sometimes got stuck mentally.
From my earlier coaching training, I developed my
which became an integral part of my offer, either combined with treatments or independently.
I believe it was a number of different factors, such as my very trusting relationship with my clients; listening to understand rather than just to respond; as well as my ability to empathize with people and situations, which eventually led to my first (unintentional) mediation process.
I had agreed to this mediation, because it was a friend of a customer I didn't know. So I could be sure that I could go into this conversation unbiased.
And then I found myself at a table with four people - two parties - who had maneuvered themselves into a deadlock. Me, sitting at the head end of this huge table as the "neutral observer and moderator".
At first, I wasn't sure if I could handle such moderation, after all it was about business. Not a small private dispute. It was about something important. And I didn't dare to ask for money for my time spent either.

Everything went well. It nearly went too well and I didn't really know what was happening to me. But it felt great! So there were these four people, previously at odds, and now they understood what it felt like to be on the other side of the table.
Another assignment followed, and another one and, I got paid for my time and moderation work. And then it appealed to me so much that I did further training and meanwhile I have been officially offering my
Since 2016, after I then lived in Spain (area of the Axarquía, province of Málaga) where I had my own full-time practice for nearly 6 years, life brought me to the Algarve.
But, periodically, I still take care of my clients in the Axarquía. It wouldn‘t be possible any other way, since we have established such great relationships over the last years which I don‘t intend to give up.
And that’s exactly what I like best: it isn’t really work for me,
it’s about the relationship I share with my clients.

To me this feels like I’ve arrived, I finally found what I had always been looking for: the meaning of my life –
to work with people, to help them and to pass on my energy and knowledge.

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