Ursula "Veronique" Switala

You are a very good therapist because you not only have great specialist knowledge, but also a very good intuition. Your gifted hands simply detect every weak point. Once the cause is identified, you know immediately what to do. For such a great solution-oriented therapist, so sensitive and understanding you have to search a long time!
I have found it in you and I am immensely grateful to you!

Lucresa Nieuwenhuis & Lex Vroon

We are really very sorry that Sandra no longer lives in Sayalonga and has moved to Portugal! We have so often combined good treatment with a good conversation with her. Unfortunately, we haven't found anyone else who does it the way she does... There's probably no other choice but to visit her in Portugal from time to time! Good luck Sandra!

Gema Guerrero Narvaez
For me it was my great relief after years of so much pain. Her treatments have brought me a lot of relief and she is a great professional. Too bad I don't have her in Spain now, I miss her so much. I wish her the best of luck and can only say how lucky her new clients are to have her with them to receive her therapies.
Silvia Willers
After an odyssey with orthopaedists, various other therapists and many painkillers, I thought that I would have to live with my shoulder problem. And then I met Sandra. After only 3 treatments I was completely recovered. It was easy like that. When I asked her when I should come next time, she just said, "Well, if something hurts you again". I can only wholeheartedly recommend Sandra. She is really empathetic - and as the successes have shown - also technically absolutely competent.
Gabriele Duus

Since we had known Dorn Method therapy from Germany for many years, we were very happy to discover Sandra, the Dorn therapist in Andalusia.
We got an appointment quickly and easily. My husband was almost pain-free after the first session and only needed one more session with the previous cupping technique. We got to know Sandra as very well trained, extremely friendly and helpful. She gave us some very good exercises and tips for self-healing.

Bernhard Switala
I can congratulate everyone who puts their trust in Sandra's hands. Sandra has freed me from years of back pain. Her treatments convey well-being and lasting improvement. The special exercises she recommends provide long-term relief from the symptoms.

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