Sandra Hüllebrand

8100-060   São Faustino, Boliqueime
Mobile:       (+351)   935 461 913

Treatments only by appointment

I wish to point out that I am not entitled to make diagnoses and my services
do not substitute a medical treatment. The type of treatments I offer will
not be covered by statutory or private health insurances.

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You can find me officially listed here:

German Association for the  DORN Method
The society has set itself the task of making the DORN Method accessible to everyone worldwide as a gentle and risk-free treatment. Nevertheless it is a very effective form of treatment and a true self-help method.
I have been a member since 2017 and am officially listed as a practitioner to support this project.

Practitioners and trainers of the DORN Method are listed here worldwide.
I am officially listed here as a practitioner and trainer of the DORN Method in Portugal.
STR® Pain Therapy Concept
according to Gamal Raslan
Here you can find practitioners who have undergone complete training of the pain therapy concept according to Gamal Raslan.
I am officially listed as a practitioner of the STR® concept in Portugal.