we work as a

The natural and holistic way to improved mobility and a better overall well-being -
for acute pain, complaints that have existed for a long time and chronic health problems.

This is only a small list of physical complaints to give you
an overview of my treatment fields:

Basically any kind of pain issues and mobility limitations all over the body (acute or chronic):
-   Headaches, Migraine                                                                  -   Sciatica
-  Jaw joint problems                                                                      -   Knee pain
-   Shoulder / Neck pain                                                                 -   Achilles tendonitis
-   Frozen Shoulder                                                                          -   Scar treatment
-   Bursitis                                                                                            -   Correction of body statics
-   Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow                                             -   Improvement of mobility
-   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                         -   Vertebral blockages, Hip blockages
-   Re-programming of false movement patterns

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DUAL means that my Pain Management
works best as a

Team member No. 1
Because it's ONLY about YOU and your 'Feel Good'  factor, team member No. 1 is clearly YOU!
You might want:
  • a quick solution for your acute pain
  • to improve your quality of life despite chronic health problems
  • to improve your mobility
  • to be pain free at last
  • actively take control of your life
  • to learn how your diet affects your well-being / complaints
  • to treat causes instead of symptoms
  • to work on both a physical and mental level
Team member No. 2
I complete our team and support you in your success with:
  • Physical treatment based on German, American and Chinese techniques
  • Selection and instruction of different exercises for you at home - depending on your needs
  • An analysis and, if necessary, adjustment of your eating habits
  • Tips for your self-management in everyday life
  • Magnetic field therapy as a complimentary form of treatment
  • MINDSET Coaching - if you are mentally stuck
  • And if something should be missing, I'll find out for you!

Now:  let's go –
you will get everything I can offer you to rediscover your 'Feel Good'  factor:
all my knowledge, my ideas, my motivation and above all,
my ears are always open!

Let's rediscover your 'Feel Good'  factor!

For YOU to feel good again, I'll join the team

Do you have inexplicable pains without a specific medical diagnosis or, different symptoms that don’t make sense?
Maybe you have been trying to find the source of your discomfort, and no one has ever considered your issues to be connected?
You may have heard comments such as 'Well, you have reached a certain age…'  or  'This is something you will probably have
to live with'. Or even unhelpful advice like 'Just take some stronger medication'.  
This can be frustrating and discouraging.
Why does your shoulder hurt when the medic finds a gall problem? The current solution for different leg lengths and unbalanced posture are shoe inlays that will, in the long-term, only cause more problems? And how can a change of diet help with hypersensitivity and inexplicable pain all over your body?
If our mobility is principally limited, our organs can also be affected – and vice versa!
Our muscles and our tissue reflect our entire lives and experiences the same way as our brains retain memories.
So, what do physical complaints have to do with our life circumstances, our psyche, acute stress phases or, those issues we thought we had already overcome?
Let’s place your pieces of the puzzle together, in order find out what else might be missing.
Let‘s rediscover your 'Feel Good' factor!

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